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August 17, 2014  •  3 Comments

When I head into a newborn session I know that it’s always going to be a unique experience. It’s one of the reasons that I really love being a newborn photographer! Even though the babies I see are only a few days old they’ve already had time to develop their own little personalities. 


I planned things a little different this time, it was my first session after attending a fabulous newborn photography workshop last month. I’ve added in some new poses and learned how to better transition babies from one pose to the next to make sessions flow more smoothly. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby to try out new skills on than Evalynn!

Six day old baby girl Evalynn's  newborn photography session by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Pueblo Newborn Photographer | Sleeping Evalynn


Little Miss Evalynn was super chill and calm. She was already sound asleep at the beginning of our session and was fairly content to just stay that way. She also now holds a very special honor, okay, maybe it’s really quite silly. Evalynn is the only baby to make it through an entire session with me without peeing (or pooping) on me! That’s quite the accomplishment! I always warn parents that their baby will pee and poop on me, its an occupational hazard for a newborn photographer and is completely okay. For the first time I was proved wrong! 


I absolutely love this lace backdrop that we used for some of Evalynn’s photos. It’s one I’ve have sitting around for a while waiting for a baby girl to use it with. I’ve had quite the rush of boys lately! 

Sleeping newborn baby girl on lace blanket by Pueblo newborn photographer. Six day old baby Evalynn, by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.

Sleeping newborn Evalynn with flower headband by Pueblo newborn photographer. Evalynn's newborn photography session by Pueblo newborn photographer.

This lovely little gal really liked being wrapped up snug. She woke up a bit as I was moving her but she fell back fast asleep! 


I’ve been trying to break out of my comfort zone a little as far as colors go so I tried out a gorgeous purple and I’m so happy with how well it complimented Evalynn’s skin tones! I think I’m really going to love deep purples on my little ladies from now on. 

Newborn Evalynn sleeping on purple blanket by Pueblo Photographer K.D. Elise Photography.Evaylynn, six day old newborn girl by Pueblo Photographer K.D. Elise Photography.

Newborn photography by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography. Evalynn, age six days by Pueblo photographer K.D. Elise Photography.

If you’re a new mama looking for a Pueblo area newborn photographer, I’d love to work with you! Click the contact button to get in touch and we’ll start planning your baby’s first photo session today. Every baby and their family deserves beautiful newborn photos!


Mary Anne(non-registered)
Such sweet photos. Lovely job!
Sohail Chouhan(non-registered)
I am absolutely in love with the all of your photos. The colors the artistic thought process and everything. You are amazing!!!!
These are breathtaking.
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