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A couple of years ago I started seeing a fabulous massage therapist to help work out some kinks. I think she’s probably the best massage therapist in Pueblo and after months of seeing her every week for our “gab fest” / massage time I’m happy to consider her a friend. I’m so happy she decided to let me be her photographer! 


Several weeks ago as I was lying face down on  a massage table I mentioned that I was going to be offering lemonade stand themed mini sessions. My therapist got excited, apparently great minds really do think alike. She’d already decided to do a pink lemonade themed first birthday party for her little girl Charlie. What a fun and happy coincidence! 


Little miss Charlie arrived all smiles for our session. It was my first time getting to meet her and she was just such a doll and let me hold her and snuggle right away. We did our photos at a local park, and there was a little league baseball team practice in a field near us which Charlie seemed to think was pretty cool.


Charlie is a whole lot of cute wrapped up in a tiny little package and she barely cleared the top of my lemonade stand. Her mama was carefully positioned behind her to help hold her up and make sure she was kept safe. 


Pueblo Children's Photographer lemonade stand mini session.Pueblo Photographer | Children's lemonade stand mini session. Pueblo Photographer | Children's photography by K.D. Elise PhotographyPueblo Photographer | Children's lemonade stand photos

I’m not entirely certain that Charlie had ever encountered a lemon before. As she was standing behind the stand we rolled one up towards her and she became enthralled. What is that brightly colored, funny feeling, tart smelling and tasting thing? It didn’t take long before Charlie did what any smart little one would do and tried to gum the lemon. She wasn’t a fan of the taste but she sure thought the lemons were cool. She held them, rolled them and of course tried throwing them. I’m here to tell you, Charlie plays a mean game of dropsies!

Canon City Photographer | K.D. Elise Photography Pueblo PhotographerPueblo Photographer | Children's photography by K.D. Elise Photography

Pueblo Photographer Lemonade Stand mini sessions by K.D. Elise PhotographyPueblo Photographer | K.D. Elise Photography lemonade stand mini sessions.

My husband accompanied me on this session and served as my assistant and reflector holder. It seems he’s quite the hit with the younger crowd! He captured Charlie’s attention so completely that he ended up standing directly over the top of me with his chin nearly resting on the top of my head so that I could get a shot with her looking at me. Miss Charlie- I think you have good taste!

Childrens photographe'rs Canon City lemonade stand mini sessionsPueblo Photographer | K.D. Elise Photography lemonade stand mini sessions By now you might have noticed that my favorite new one year old had a thing for sticking her tongue out at me. It’s one of those cute things that was just so completely her.

Pueblo children's photographer lemonade stand mini sessions. Pueblo Photographer | Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions I had such a fun time meeting Charlie and capturing her personality during her first birthday photo shoot. I’m hoping to get to do a cake smash session with her soon. One year old is just such a fun age! Here’s a couple more of my favorite images from Charlie’s session. Thanks again to her mama for letting me be part of her celebration! 

Pueblo Photographer's first birthday photos of baby girl by K.D. Elise PhotographyPueblo Photographer | Children's photo session
Pueblo, Canon City photographer first birthday lemonade stand photos.Pueblo Photographer | First Birthday photos lemonade stand session.


I love how she has her tongue hanging out lol! I love how you caught her 1 year old personality and curiosity so clearly. Beautiful lemonade stand photo shoot!
A Dimple in Time Photography(non-registered)
What an adorable baby girl! Great idea for a colorful and playful first birthday photography session in Pueblo :)
Sooo stinking cute! Beautiful images!❤️
Sohail Chouhan(non-registered)
What a lovely concept. OK OK the child you photographed made the whole concept work. Thanks for sharing....
What a cute session! That baby is adorable!!!
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