Pueblo Newborn Photographer: Baby Boy Z

June 17, 2014  •  6 Comments

Baby Z's mom contacted me clear back in April about scheduling a newborn session. Since I've been building my newborn photography portfolio I've had a crazy run of baby girls and I've been anxious to photograph one of Pueblo's newest little guys.  When Baby Z's mama called and let me know that he'd made his entrance into the world a little early I was super excited to finally get to meet him. 

As a newborn photographer I always enjoy the job, but this little guy was just a kick in the pants. At only ten days old, and being born before his due date he was incredibly alert. It's always amazing to me how much personality shows through in each newborn I photograph. They are all so different! Baby Z also had the most adorable little forehead wrinkles which just melted me!

Pueblo newborn photographer photo of baby boy

Baby Z followed the trend of the other babies I've photographed lately and tried to spend the entire time awake. As he was finally giving in to sleep he gave me a big smile. He dozed a little bit off and on during our session. 


Sleeping ten day old newborn photographs by Pueblo photographer

The rest of our time together Z spent just chillin'. His Daddy mentioned that he likes to rest with his arms back, so we posed him that way for one of his photos. I think the photos of him awake and relaxing are my favorites from his session. There's already so much of a "little man" look in him, sometimes I almost feel like I can see the adult that these sweet babies will become. 

Pueblo Newborn Photographer K.D. Elise Photography's image of ten day old baby boy Pueblo Newborn Photography ten day old baby boy.

Welcome to the world Baby Z! I know it won't be long before you're taking it by storm! 

I love working with new babes and expecting mamas! If you enjoyed browsing through Baby Z's images and are looking for professional newborn photography or pregnancy photos click the contact button, I'd be thrilled to work with you to create a truly great portrait.


Patricia Knight(non-registered)
Oh my! His facial expressions are absolutely priceless. One can't help but smile when looking at these newborn images. Congrats to the parents!
What a sweet series! He is so cute! :)
Erica Joy Photography(non-registered)
What stunning pictures ( and beautiful baby!) He looks like he's posing already!
A Dimple in Time Photography(non-registered)
It's amazing how this newborn already looks like SUCH a little man! Great photos capturing this moment in time for this Pueblo family.
What an adorable little guy! I love the facial expressions. Beautiful baby photography.
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