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I love taking photos of newborns and I know that as moms and dads my clients love looking back on those precious photos. Newborns grow so very quickly and especially mamas may feel like they're in a bit of a "haze" in the early days. It's so easy to forget how tiny our newborn babies were and all those little details, the flakes on their feet, the spots on their nose and the way that one piece of hair stuck up "just so". I have three kids and sadly only have newborn photos of one of them, it's amazing how hard it is to remember how tiny they once were. 

Everyday that you wake up with your newborn in your arms is a day that he or she will grow and change, and become something just a little bit different than they were the day before. It's absolutely amazing, isn't it? That new baby you're holding will never be the same as they are right this minute, it's such a fleeting time! That's one reason I encourage parents to schedule their newborn's session early in baby's life. To truly capture them as a "newborn".

So when is the right time to schedule your baby's first photos? Ideally, I like to photograph babies between 5 and 14 days of age. Waiting until day 5 gives mom and baby time to adjust to each other in the outside world. We want to capture baby as early as possible, but the most important thing is that you've settled into life with each other. If you're nursing, your milk should be in by day 5 and a lot of the early newborn kinks should be worked out. 

We all love those sleeping newborn photos, right? Babies in their first two weeks of life are still super sleepy, and they're used to being curled up in the womb so they don't mind being moved around and positioned for photos. After the two week mark, that sleepy little baby starts to realize that there's a world out here and it's pretty darn exciting! They learn that they really like stretching out, and that sometimes staying awake is just more fun than taking a nap. 

I encourage pregnant moms to contact me to tentatively schedule baby's newborn session sometime in the last month of pregnancy. This takes away the pressure of planning your session in those early days of adjusting to life together. We'll iron out all of the details before hand and all you have to do is give me a call when baby's made his or her arrival. 

Sometimes you get thrown a curveball, life gets in the way and mama, baby or both need a little more time to adjust to the new "normal".  If you didn't get your session scheduled before baby's birth or within the first two weeks it really isn't too late! As your choice of Pueblo newborn photographers we can work together to create beautiful newborn photos of your baby. 

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